Purchasing Policy

April 2002

The Van Buren Public Library is a governmental body that is authorized to enter into contracts under the Indiana Public Purchasing Law. The Van Buren Public Library Board is the “Purchasing Agency”.

The “Purchasing Agent” of the Van Buren Public Library is the Director of the Library. Those others who may be authorized to make purchases authorized by the Purchasing Agency include Maintenance personnel and library clerks.

The Purchasing Agent(s) may purchase supplies costing up to $5000.00. Any supplies costing $5,001.00 or more require the approval of the Van Buren Public Library Board. This provision excludes “library materials”, those items purchased for the use of the library clientele of the library. All purchases under $25,000. will be made on the open market. All items costing between $25,000 and $75,000 will be purchased only after inviting three quotes from persons known to deal in the lines or classes of supplies to be purchased unless another procedure is authorized by statute.

In accordance with state statute, all items costing over $75,000 will be purchased following competitive bidding procedures unless another procedure is authorized by statute. The Van Buren Public Library will follow all the proper steps for competitive bidding procedures or the inviting of quotes as required by statute or by the guidelines of the appropriate state agency.

The Board of Trustees or the Purchasing Agent(s) will purchase services on the basis of provisions of the contract, cost, experience of the offer or any other factor deemed appropriate to the services being purchased.

Credit Card Purchases

The Van Buren Public Library obtained a bank credit card to be used for the purpose of purchasing library materials, conferences expenses, and any other expenses incurred on behalf of the Van Buren Public Library (per board resolution).  The Library Director is the only staff member authorized to use this card. The statements will be paid in a timely manner to avoid any interest, carrying charges, or penalties due to late payments. Claims filed in connection with the use of the credit card, must be itemized before being approved and paid. Any and all charges incurred and charged to the card must be business related and not personal in nature. A reasonable “tip” or gratuity is appropriate where service has been provided. In case of the card being lost or stolen, the credit card company is to be notified immediately. Purchases on the Internet or over the telephone using the credit card can be made by the Director. Caution of these transactions should be noted.

Internet Purchases

The purchasing policy of the Van Buren Public Library allows purchases made on the Internet with previously used vendors. Such purchases shall be given a purchase order number and shall be monitored until the order is completed. To establish purchasing history with a new vendor, it is suggested that a paper order be faxed or mailed to the new vendor.