Computer and Internet Policy

Reviewed by Board on April 28, 2014

Adopted by the Van Buren Public Library Board of Trustees October 22, 2012

1.     The public access computers at the Van Buren Public Library are open to all members of the community who wish to use the computers in accordance with the rules of this policy.

2.     Reservations made on the same day of intended usage will be allowed for use of a public computer.  Reservations will be held for only ten minutes.

3.     Usage of library computer equipment is limited to 1 hour per day for age 18 and older.  If no one is scheduled or waiting, a patron can stay longer, up to a total of two hours per day unless working on school or job-related work.  But when someone is waiting, the current user has 5 minutes to print, save, or download their information and then relinquish the computer.

5.     Usage of library computer equipment is limited to 30 minutes per day for children under the age of 18.  More time may be granted for working on a school assignment.

6.     Only 1 person may be at the computer at one time; exceptions may be granted as seen fit by library staff.  Both users must be signed in.

7.     Students under the age of 11 must have a parent or adult caregiver present with them while they are at the computer.

8.     Information may be downloaded onto the user’s disk, CD, or USB flash drive.  Patrons may not load any programs or store files on the library’s computers.  There will be no downloading of files onto the computer’s hard drive.

9.    Accessing obscene or pornographic images is not allowed. Any patron who violates these terms will lose their computer use privileges.  Filters are installed on all internet-connected computers.

10.   Cost of Printing: All black and white copies will cost 10¢, color 25¢

11.    Children that willfully misbehave or abuse the computer or don’t follow library rules will be  suspended from the privilege of using the internet or asked to leave the library.

12.     The library is not responsible for any loss or damage to patrons’ software, disks, CDs, or USB flash drives, or the information or files contained within.

13.     The library may suspend computer privileges on account of unpaid fines or overdue library  materials that the user may have.

14.     The Van Buren Public Library Board of Trustees and the Library Director reserve the right to  interpret its own rules and procedures and may change any rule or procedure at any time.  They have the right select punishment for violations of these rules.  They shall have the right to waive the rules and procedures whenever it is in the best interest of the library or community.