Circulation Policy

Adopted June 25, 2012

Revised October 28, 2013


Part I – Library Cards

1.1     An Evergreen Indiana library card (in good standing) is required to check out materials.  This card must be in the name of the presenter of the card.  Library cards are not transferable to other users.

1.2     Van Buren Township residents (of school age) or those who pay real property taxes on property  owned in Van Buren Township are eligible to receive an Evergreen Indiana library card.  Those not residing in the township may be eligible to receive a card as a non-resident, PLAC borrower, or   student.

1.3     Applicants for a library card must present proof of residence (driver’s license, current bill, or state id) in the township and fill out an application for a card.  Signing for a library card denotes acceptance of responsibility for all fines, fees, payments for lost or damaged materials.  Library card will be held until proof of residence is given.

1.4     The replacement fee for a lost library card is $2.

1.5     A minor child (of school age) must have a parent or guardian present and providing proper identification.  Registering a child for a card denotes acceptance of responsibility of the parent for all fines and fees charged on the child’s card.  Minors have access to all items in the collection with the exception of r-rated movies.

1.6     Evergreen cards need to be renewed every two years.  At the time of renewal the patron will need to verify that all address and contact information is correct.

1.7     Cards for non-residents are available for the cost established annually by board action.  A non-  resident card must be renewed each year.

1.8     If a patron forgets to bring their library card he or she has two options: 1) retrieve the card while the materials are held for a period of time, 2) purchase a replacement card for $2.  Library staff will allow materials to be checked out one time without a library card being presented.  It will be noted    on the patron’s account and the patron will be blocked from checking items out in the future should the card not be presented after the first warning.

Part II – Check Outs and Loan Times

2.1     Books – 3 Weeks

            Magazines – 1 Week

            DVD (Single) – 3 Days

            DVD (Series) – 1 Week

            Video – 1 Week


2.2     Books and magazines may be renewed one time.  DVDs cannot be renewed.  When returned, the DVDs must go back on the shelf for one day before being checked out again by that patron.  Renewal requests may be made in person, on the phone, or through Evergreen’s “My Account” feature.  Certain items are not eligible for renewal.  If there is a “Hold” on an item, it may not be   renewed.

2.3     Patrons are limited to no more than ten DVDs checked out at one time.  The total number of items on one account cannot exceed 100. 

2.4     R-rated movies may not be checked out by patrons under the age of 18 unless a parent or guardian is present and gives permission to library staff.  There will be no permission forms to allow these   kinds of transactions without a parent being present.

2.5     DVD cases returned without the disc will accumulate fines as any other late-returned item.  Library  staff will contact the patron regarding the situation as soon as possible.

2.6      Holds may be placed on DVDs once the item has been made available in Evergreen.  There will be no “pre-cataloged” holds on DVDs.  Books may have holds placed on them before they appear in the catalog.

2.7     Holds may be placed on most items from other libraries (except DVDs) in the Evergreen system.  Patrons may have up to 20 holds on their account at one time.  Patrons have one week after the hold is filled to pick up the item.  Only the patron with the hold may pick up the item.

2.8     All holds are good for one week before going back to the lending library or returning to our shelf.

Part III – Fines and Fees

3.1     Overdue items are assessed a fine of $0.25 per day.  The total amount of fines for overdue items on a patron’s account will not exceed $10.  Fines and fees accumulated on items from other Evergreen libraries will not be waived or altered except by the owning library.

3.2     Library drop boxes are emptied by the opening of business each day.  There is no overdue charge on items left in the drop boxes before opening of the next business day after the due date printed on the checkout receipt.

3.3    A lost item fee of $10.00 plus replacement costs will be charged for all lost items.  Regular fines still apply.  This applies only to items owned by the Van Buren Public Library.

3.4     Fines and fees for items that have been recovered after payment will not be refunded.

3.5     Patrons are expected to pay fines in a timely manner.  Patrons with unpaid fines and fees of  $10 or more will be blocked from checking out additional materials.  A warning will be given by library staff and noted on the patron account.

3.6     Overdue notices are sent through email as a courtesy by the Evergreen system.   Failure to receive notices or losing one’s original receipt does not exempt a patron from responsibility of the overdue materials.

3.7     Some Evergreen libraries have contracted with collection agencies to recover lost materials.  If third-party collection services are used a fee may be added to the patron’s record for materials lost hat belong to other libraries.

Part IV – Library Responsibilities

4.1     The Van Buren Public Library reserves the right to interpret and modify these rules as needed and reserves the right to waive or adjust procedures in the best interest of the library and community.